Mid-week Meals #2

Each week in my email newsletter I send out a recipe that I have tried out lately and really enjoyed. They are not my own recipes, I have found them online and i've given them a go. They are usually quick and easy with few ingredients and processes as being a new mum I don't have time for complicated these days especially during the week. I'll be honest with you on how easy it is, how many people it ACTUALLY serves and any variations I think you could do with it.

To collate the weekly recipe recommendations all in one place I've started this blog series called Midweek Meals. Each month I will publish the recipes that have been included in the email newsletter in a blog post ready for you to refer back to with ease rather than trawling through a months worth of emails to find the one you want. It couldn't be easier for you to start mixing up your midweek meals and fill up your meal planner.

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1. Sweet Potato Dahl  from BBC Good Food

This recipe was not on my meal planner, it was a random google search one morning in an attempt to use up some sweet potato I had left over from the previous weeks shop and it turned out to be an absolute winner, so much so it will be going on the meal planner in the future.

It's a spinach, sweet potato and lentil dahl, luckily I had the rest of the ingredients in too except for the red chilli so I popped in dried chilli flakes instead (a tad too many actually). Here's a link to the recipe (click here) and here is a photo of my finished dish.

spinach and sweet potatoes Dahl

I made this for lunch but it could easily be a dinner too. I then had it for lunch for the next two days, the recipe makes a decent amount. It was super quick and delicious, plus another vegetarian dish on my radar, an all round good meal in my opinion. I'd love to know if you try it.

2. Broad bean, potato and chorizo salad from Olive Magazine

This recipe features two delicious summer ingredients, Jersey Royal potatoes and broad beans! This potato, broad bean and chorizo salad is perfect for a summers evening with a cold glass of something nice. It's super quick to make BUT don't forget how long it takes to pod broad beans. I did this while the potatoes were boiling and it took about the same amount of time. Here's a photo of the one I made and a link to the recipe.

chorizo and broad bean salad

I had this for dinner but it could easily be lunch, I did have the leftovers for lunch the next day. Also, I didn't have any sherry vinegar but I did have red wine vinegar so I substituted it and it worked well - although I can't say what it would have tasted like with sherry vinegar. If you wanted to make this meat free you could swap the chorizo and manchego or feta and black olives. I think I'm going to try that this week. 

3 - Green Veg Linguine from Olive Magazine

This recipe is from Olive Magazine, it's a green veg linguine and includes broad beans which I'm loving at the minute. I always have a bag in the freezer ready to go. It's a really fresh and summery tasting dish that I will definitely make again. My only criticism is I felt like I had to use a lot of bowls / pans to do this. So if you're not in the mood for washing up maybe save it for another day. Here’s a link to the recipe and here’s a photo of the one I made.

green veg linguine

 4 - Zesty Bread Salad from Ottolenghi

All you want to eat in this weather is salad so it’s only right my favourite salad is this week’s 'mid-week meal inspo'. It’s a twist on a panzanella salad, there are loads of recipes online but I like the Ottolenghi one for the addition of sumac, here's the link.

This salad can be a side dish with some fish or meat or a meal in itself by adding some mozzarella. You could also substitute the red onions for shallots, I use whichever one I have in the cupboard or freezer.

5 - Chicken and Coconut Rice Pilaf from Delicious Magazine

I am a big fan of Delicious and use it a lot for ideas and inspiration. If you're not following them on instagram already then go and do it now.

I saw this recipe on their Instagram and it sounded right up my street, tasty, quick and little prep time. It's chicken and Coconut rice pilaf. Here’s a link to the recipe

It couldn't be easier to make and it is delicious however it falls into that classic recipe pitfall of over selling how many it serves. If you are happy with having only one chicken leg or thigh per person then yes it will serve 4 but personally for it to be a filling meal I think you need two bits of chicken per person. You would then most likely need a bigger pot but that's do-able. There was plenty of rice and beans for 4 people and I had a lot of that left over but the chicken is only enough for 2 in my opinion. 

It went down well and as it was so quick to prepare then the oven took over.I'll definitely be making it again soon.

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Happy meal planning!


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