Mid-week Meals #4

Another installment of mid-week meal ideas for you!

If you are looking for quick and tasty mid-week meal ideas to get you through the week then you are in the right place.

Each week in my email newsletter I share a recipe I have tried recently or I think sounds great with all my newsletter subscribers. The idea is for you to build up a repetoire of recipes to put on your weekly planner so you can plan ahead and always have a plan of what's for dinner. 

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Here are 4 great recipes from last month's newsletters.

SQUASH & PASTA BAKE from Smitten Kitchen

This recipe may not be the best midweek meal idea as it takes 2.5 hours to make. BUT the prep time is only 30 mins of that (although the recipe says 15 in reality it took me 30 mins), so if you have time in the afternoon to pop it together then yes it would make a fab midweek meal. Or you could try it at the weekend, it is worth it.

It's perfect for the autumn and it's got 3 types of cheese in the recipe which makes it so delicious! This is a photo of the one I made and some notes on swaps I did below.

squash and pasta bake

I did make a few changes to make it work with what I had, they are;

- I used an 8inch tin rather than 9inch, it worked well

- I used thyme rather than sage

- I used Gouda cheese instead of Fontina

- I didn't use the nutmeg, because I didn't have any

- I used pre prepared chunks of butternut squash

It's one of those recipes that works with a few alternatives or swaps depending what you have in already. 

CHICKEN SOUP from Ambitious Kitchen

This recipe is the perfect comfort food if you have been feeling under the weather. It's full of all the goodness you need plus it only takes 20 minutes to prep.

I made a version of this soup on Monday (I didn't have the couscous mentioned so I swapped it for cannellini beans) and had it for lunch 3 days straight, with a piece of toasted sourdough, delicious.

chicken soup recipe

You can mix it up with any veg or herbs you have got, that's the beauty of soup anything goes really.


This hearty recipe makes a refreshing change from the classic bangers and mash. It takes no time at all to prep which makes it perfect for those mid-week winter days.


This tray bake is really quick to make and it tastes delicious. The recipe is for 2 people but I doubled everything as my mum was visiting so I needed to feed 3 people. Here is a photo of the one I made.

salmon tray bake

It's not as good a quality photo as the BBC one but it's the taste that counts right?!

Despite doubling the ingredients, we actually finished it all between the 3 of us. There was plenty so if there was a 4th person they would have been fed. Mainly because I also served it with a rocket salad and garlic bread.

I always worry there isn't enough food and end up having more food.

Let me know if you try any of the dishes in this blog post I would love to know.

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Speak soon

Sarah x



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