Midweek Meals #3

Each week in my email newsletter I send out a recipe that I have tried out lately and really enjoyed. They are not my own recipes, I have found them online and i've given them a go. They are usually quick and easy with few ingredients and processes as being a new mum I don't have time for complicated these days especially during the week. I'll be honest with you on how easy it is, how many people it ACTUALLY serves and any variations I think you could do with it.

To collate the weekly recipe recommendations all in one place I've started this blog series called Midweek Meals. Each month I will publish the recipes that have been included in the email newsletter in a blog post ready for you to refer back to with ease rather than trawling through a months worth of emails to find the one you want. It couldn't be easier for you to start mixing up your midweek meals and fill up your meal planner.

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First up is an easy carbonara recipe from Jamie Oliver. It's from his 5 ingredients book which I love but it's also on his website, here's the link easy carbonara recipe

easy sausage carbonara recipe

This has been a go to recipe of mine for a while it is super quick, easy and cheap to make too. It does take a little bit of trying a couple times to get right and not scramble that egg mixture. I find that if I put in the pasta water when it's cooled down a little rather than fresh from the pan it's less likely to scramble. Either way it still tastes good.

Next up is a family friendly pesto recipe from a new site I discovered recently, Love and Lemons not only are the recipes great the photography is beautiful. The best thing about this pesto recipe is that it comes with lots of variations you can use depending on what you have in the fridge / store cupboard.

pesto recipe

​I made it for dinner recently, it took less that 15 mins and most of that was toasting the pine nuts. I served it over spaghetti with a rocket and cherry tomato salad with a drizzle of EVOO and balsamic vinegar. An absolute winner for a quick and easy mid week meal.

I took some time off in August to enjoy a family holiday so rather than sharing a recipe one week I shared some of my go to supermarket saviours. They are still quick, involve very little prep / cooking and taste great. They keep for a while in the cupboard / freezer so it's worth always having them in for those cba nights - we all have them.

spice tailor

The spice tailor curry pouches are delicious, I've tried most of the range and love them, my favorites are Keralan coconut and butter chicken. They have all the taste of a curry made from scratch without all the effort. They go great with chicken, fish or vegetables which makes them a versatile store cupboard staple. This week I've had this one with frozen king prawns and brown rice with a sprinkling of fresh coriander on the top. All ready in under 25 mins and only 2 pans to wash up.

Itsu dumplings

I miss going out for dim sum so much, I haven't done it for so long with lockdowns and having a baby but these frozen gyoza from Istu are perfect to get my fix. They don't take long to cook and taste great, there is even a recipe on the back of the pack for a quick dipping sauce which I recommend you make. They also do a chicken and prawn version, I haven't tried the chicken ones yet but I can vouch for the prawn ones too.

Higgidy pie

This is hands down the best veggie pie there is out there, I've tried a few and always come back to this. It's very versatile, I often have it with sweet potato chips, proper mash and gravy or a salad. Whack it in the oven and enjoy, it's definitely a regular midweek meal in our house. My meat loving husband even enjoys it!

That's it for this month. Let me know if you try any of the recipes I'd love to know how you get on.

Sarah x

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