Midweek meals #1

As well as a stationery addict I am also a foodie, stationery and food are the two big loves in my life when it comes to hobbies and they are both reasons why I started Ink & Spoon. I've brought you the stationery goodies and now it's time for the food.

Each week in my email newsletter I send out a recipe that I have tried out lately and really enjoyed. They are not my own recipes, I have found them online and i've given them a go. They are usually quick and easy with few ingredients and processes as being a new mum I don't have time for complicated these days especially during the week. I'll be honest with you on how easy it is, how many people it ACTUALLY serves and any variations I think you could do with it.

To collate the weekly recipe recommendations all in one place I've started this blog series called Midweek Meals. Each month I will publish the recipes that have been included in the email newsletter in a blog post ready for you to refer back to with ease rather than trawling through a months worth of emails to find the one you want. It couldn't be easier for you to start mixing up your midweek meals and fill up your meal planner.

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1. Chorizo, Mozerella & Gnocchi bake from BBC Good Food

This is delicious, I've made it several times since I first found the recipe. You could definitely make it without the chorizo too if you don’t eat meat. This is a photo of the one I made. At the time of taking this photo I wasn't expecting to share it online, I think I need to improve my food photo taking skills!

chorizo, mozarella & gnocchi bake midweek meal idea

It was super quick and easy to make. I served it with a bit of rocket drizzled in EVOO and a crack of black pepper and sea salt.

Although I should warn you it says it serves 6, me and my husband had the whole lot between the two of us! We did only have a 500g bag of fresh gnocchi not a 600g - still I’m not sure that extra 100g would have stretched to 6 people, maybe 4 at a push.

2. Lemon and Fennel Risotto from Waitrose

I saw this recipe on Instagram and had to give it a go, it's a lemon and fennel risotto and it's 100% worth the stirring time. here’s a photo of the one I made. 

lemon & fennel risotto midweek meal idea

The fennel on the top added a lovely bit of zing and texture so make sure you don't skip that step. It's pretty straight forward to make, the longest part is the stirring, as always with risotto.

3. Pea and Ham Cream Pasta from Nigella

This recipe is from Nigella, the queen of food IMHO. This recipe is one of my go to dinners especially in the summer, I've been making it for years. It's a pea, ham and cream pasta, it's super simple and delicious. Over the years I have adapted it by adding pancetta, mint and a sprinkle of parmesan into it, this makes it less child friendly but if it's just for adults then give it a go and take it to another level. 

I don't have a photo to share with you of this one, I make it so often that it's not new or special enough for me to delay eating to take a pic ha!

4. Chicken Tray bake from Jamie Oliver

This chicken tray bake recipe has been my go to for years so much so I don’t follow the recipe now I roughly guess the amounts and chuck it all in. Last week I even added some chorizo as I had it left over in the fridge. I also like to add a courgette or handful of spinach if I have it AND I’ve used chicken breasts instead of thighs in the past too. Basically anything goes with this recipe, definitely give it a go I think it will become one of your weekly favourites.

Chicken traybake midweek meal ideas

This photo is from 2017 when I first made the tray bake, I found it on my personal instagram account. As you can see I added some green beans and a packet of Merchant Gourmet rice and grains to fill us up. I always need some sort of carb on my plate.

5. South Indian Vegetable Curry from Nigella

Another Nigella one. I've been attempting to eat less meat this year so when I came across this veggie curry recipe I had to try it out. I can confirm it's a good one! I had all the spices in the cupboard already which made it pretty quick and cheap to make. If you don't have them I would recommend you buy the spices because once you try this you will definitely make it on a regular basis.

south indian curry midweek meal idea

I'd love to know how you get on with any of these recipes, message me on instagram @ink_and_spoon or email me hello@inkandspoon.co.uk 

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Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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