All good meals start with a list

I am a firm believer in list writing, as much as I rely on google drive for a lot of organisation and filing these days I still favour analogue over digital when it comes to writing a list. You cannot beat a decent pen and piece of paper, or notepad in this case.

Writing a shopping list is the ultimate form of list writing in my opinion, it’s definitely on another level to the daily to do list. Not only does it bring you joy in planning everything you need and carefully trawling your fridge and cupboards in your mind to make sure you don’t miss anything it also rewards you with amazing meals and snacks.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a shopping list right, is there a proper way to do it? YES! Of course there is, you have to be logical about these things otherwise you jump around from one item to the next and end up with a fridge of bits and no complete meal. The reason I designed my shopping list notepad into the supermarket sections is so that you can get everything you need in that area before moving on to the next. There is nothing worse than being in the household section and realising you have forgotten bananas and you need to trek all the way back to the fruit and veg aisle when you were right by the tills.

So, how do you write a helpful shopping list? Well, to do it properly you need to know what you want to cook / eat for the next week or couple of days, depending on how long you shop for. That’s why I always start with my meal planner before getting to my shopping list - you can read about how I plan my meals in my blog post about meal planning - click here to read.

Now presuming you have your list of meals to hand, work your way through each meal and write the ingredients required to make that dish under the relevant section i.e. tomatoes under the fresh section and pasta under the cupboard section etc etc. Once you’ve done your meals you’ll need to rummage through your kitchen cupboards and check for the staples like ketchup, oils, washing powder and so on. It’s not all about the food, don't forget those household essentials, there is a section just for that.

You should have a complete shopping list now, you’re ready for the shops, don’t forget your bags!

If you need a helping hand, treat yourself to one of my shopping list notepads, click here to shop.

Sarah x

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