Autumn Stationery Inspiration

Autumn is officially here and with it comes the launch of my Autumn inspired stationery collection. As you may already know I design stationery to make meal planning easy and all my designs are inspired by the seasons. As well as the popular meal planner and shopping list notepads I also designed a range of fruity notecards each season for all those times you need to send a little note to a friend or loved one. 

I wanted to share with you my inspiration behind the autumn colour palette and design to give you an idea of the work that goes on behind the scenes. Below is a mood board I put together to inspire me while working on the design.

autumn mood board

I always start with a browse of Pinterest before I start any design. I search for images using keywords such as flowers, food, weather, nature all with the relevant season. I then scroll through and pin any images that stand out to a hidden 'autumn Inspo' board. I might do this all in one night or across the course of a few days. Once I've searched all terms I go through my board and look for the shapes and colors that are consistent across everything. For autumn there was a lot of oranges, dark pinks, purples and lots of leaves, as you can imagine.

For my Autumn design I did this process, picked a colour scheme and started designing. I had a few designs on the go but after working on them on and off for about 3 weeks I wasn't happy with them. I felt they were too generically autumn, oranges, greens, reds and leaves. So back to the drawing board I went and this time I searched for images of things that I love about autumn. In short, comfort food, jeans, boots, jumpers and a long walk on a crisp autumnal day.

That is when my colour palette came together, I swapped the green for a blue similar to that of denim jeans and the dark red/brown for purple, which I have called blackberry in my palette. 

The actual design came together quite quickly then. I loved the idea of two block colors to reflect the blue jeans and cosy jumpers I associate with Autumn so after a play around with shapes and layout I settled on the split design. Then I added in the leaf pattern but I made it subtle using only the outline and a contrasting colour to the background to make them stand out.

autumn stationery collection

This is my favorite design to date, not only for the colours but because I managed to learn a few new things in Adobe Illustrator to create it which I'm pretty chuffed about. 

If you fancy getting your hands on my new collection click here to shop now.

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Speak soon

Sarah x

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