Food Shop Fails

Since Covid struck I’ve switched to doing my food shop online more often than going to the supermarket. Over the past year or so of doing this I’ve encountered a number of problems with the online food shop system that if you are not used to food shopping online they will catch you out. My most recent food shop fail was ordering 1 tomato instead of a pack of 6 and that tomato came with a huge sticker that was bigger than the tomato itself! 

I shared my annoyance on Instagram and I received so many responses from people doing similar things that I decided to make them into a blog to share with you. Some of them really made me laugh so hopefully these will put a smile on your face too.

Incorrect weights and sizes is a popular food shop fail...

‘I ordered carrots without checking the weight and ended up with 5kgs of carrots!’

‘Ordered what I thought was 150g fresh blueberries, got delivered 1.5kg frozen berries’

‘I once ordered 3 carrier bags of loose mushrooms, who knew they were so light’

I had visions of the delivery driver dropping off 3 bags of mushrooms and it cracked me up! I will resist making an obvious funghi joke here.

‘I always buy one banana instead of a bunch!’

‘Supposed to by 5 bananas, clicked 5kg’

From one extreme to the other with those last two.

‘Thought I was ordering a small jar of mayo, ended up with a massive 900g jar that doesn’t fit in my fridge’

‘Delighted when my favourite bottle of wine was so cheap one week so I bought 6 bottles. Turns out it was the mini size!’

Most of these are pretty funny to read but I imagine at the time when your shopping arrives it’s not one tiny bit amusing. 

But what’s worse than the wrong thing turning up? Forgetting to actually do the shop online and having the two bottles of gin you put in your basket to secure the slot turn up at 8am on a Monday morning?! So many of you said this had happened to you!! I wonder how many times a week this happens, I’d love to ask someone at Sainsburys about this. Better yet I’d like to see it as a question on House of Games.

If you need a helping hand with doing your food shop my shopping list notepad is just want you need. Click here to order today.

Speak soon

Sarah x

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