The Stationery Lover's New Year

September has always been my favourite time of the year, it goes back to my school days, when I would get excited for the end of the summer holidays which meant time for stationery shopping! 

There was nothing better than a trip to town to stock up on new stationery. We didn’t have the choice there is now of stationery shops (I’m aware this makes me sound ancient), it was Stationery Box or WH Smith in Liverpool, that was it. I could be in there for what felt like a lifetime deciding on the type of pencil sharpener I wanted to match with my pencils and pencil case. There were always some gel pens in the mix too!

As you can see my love of stationery goes a long way back and if anything it’s only grown in strength. I always carry at least one pen in my bag (usually 3) and have far too many new notebooks on the shelf waiting for their perfect project. Starting my own stationery business is like living out my childhood dream, only back then I didn’t know it would involve so much admin.

These days I still love to seek out new stationery products, independent brands and shops and it’s what has driven me to dedicate evenings, weekends and every spare second to grow Ink & Spoon. It’s early days still but my main aim for year 1 was to try things out and see what works, which I’m still doing. 

September is the best time to start something new much better than January as there is less pressure, the weather is still good and if you’re anything like me you’re getting excited for those all important new boots and coat purchases ready for the Autumn, my favourite season! That's why I've chosen this month to update my website and release a few new offerings and products for you all.

If you’ve been contemplating getting organised especially when it comes to your meal planning then now is a great time to start. Sign up to my email newsletter to be the first to hear about my new products, gift bundles and promotions coming up this month. Use the sign up box in the footer of this page to join today.

Speak soon

Sarah x

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