November is definitely slow cooker season here in the UK, I pretty much use my weekly until about March now. With a little bit of prep in the morning you have a delicious and comforting dinner ready for you after a busy day at work or with the little ones. Slow Cookers really are your best friend in the winter months.

I have put together 4 tasty slow cooker recipes for you to add to your meal planner this month. Each one is either a favorite of mine or something new I've discovered this year. Either way I can guarantee you will enjoy these recipes, perfect for all the family.


slow cooker recipe

This slow cooker vegetarian chilli goes down well every winter in our house and this year we had a little one who also loved it! I eased off the chilli a little as I knew I was making it for my 10 month old as well but it still had a little spice for flavour. We all devoured it and the stash I made for the freezer didn't last long either. 

Add this one to your meal planner this week and give your family and extra veg boost without them even realising.


slow cooker recipes

Another winter warming favourite in our house. It's super tasty and works well with fluffy white rice and a naan or two on the side. 

I do ad lib a little with this recipe as my local supermarket doesn't stock tandoori massala, I've tried it with another spice mix and without anything extra and both ways it's still delicious. Don't be afraid to substitute spices for what you have in the cupboard either, experimenting is all part of the fun when it comes to cooking.


As slow cooker recipes go this is a relatively quick one, it can be ready in under 2hours 30, so you can't get this going at lunch time and it will be ready for dinner. Ideal if you have a hectic morning! 

slow cooker recipes

Paella is a little unusual for a slow cooker I think but it works. This is a new one for me this year and it will definitely be a regular on the weekly meal planner from now on.

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This has to be the ultimate comfort slow cooker recipe, a delicious and warming sausage casserole, best served with some crusty bread on the side. It's easy to prep which means you can get it on and forget about it while you get on with your day. 

slow cooker recipe

Another great slow cooker recipe for all the family to enjoy.

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Thanks for reading, let me know if you cook any of these recipes, I love to hear what you think.

Sarah x

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