Spring Stationery Inspiration

The unique thing about Ink & Spoon stationery is that the design changes with the seasons. In order to really capture the mood of the season I start by creating a mood board. I started working on my Spring collection last October / November and I'm currently creating a mood board and working on ideas for my Summer collection. 

Now the Spring collection is live on the website ready for you to order I wanted to share my thoughts and inspiration behind the design.

It all started with a Pinterest board, first I searched for spring related things such as flowers, food, clothing, weather and started saving the pins that jumped out at me. I wouldn't hold back here, anything that caught my eye would be pinned to my secret 'Spring Inspo' board. After a couple of pinning sessions over a couple of days I looked over the board to see what colors and shapes stood out for the right and wrong reasons. There were definitely a lot of blues, greens and yellows gathering on my board after my first round of pinning for the Spring collection.

Despite green being my favorite colour I felt quite strongly that I wanted to avoid it for my first stationery collection because green is my main brand colour for What Sarah Inks - my Bespoke Calligraphy Services business and I wanted Ink & Spoon to stand alone from this and have a different look and feel. So, I focused in on the yellows and blues for the Spring Stationery collection colour palette and honed my Pinterest board to reflect that.

Colour palette decided I started to think about the shapes and design. I'm not an artist in any way shape or form so this was a challenge for me. I knew I wanted a pattern and not block colors. I also knew I wanted to design it myself so I knew it was unique to Ink & Spoon rather than taking something from Creative Market or other similar sites. So I dabbled with a bit of ink on paper and watercolors to get an idea of what I liked before turning to my iPad and Procreate app to have a play. 

Going back to the Pinterest mood board I could see a lot of soft shapes, circles, light colors and textures stood out across the images, this is where the inspiration from the circular shapes came from. I played around with sizes, brush textures and opacity until I found the look and feel I wanted. After many variations we have the design you see today on my Spring Stationery Collection.

This was all a new process for me and I loved doing it, I've learned so much about what works and more importantly what doesn't. All of which I am using to  create my summer collection as we speak. I'll be launching that towards the end of May, make sure you are signed up to my mailing list to be the first to hear about it. Sign up here.

Click here to have a look in detail of my Spring Stationery inspiration board on Pinterest.

To order your spring stationery kitchen essentials click here.

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