Summer Stationery Inspiration

One of the unique things about the Ink & Spoon stationery designs is that they change with the seasons. So far this year you’ve seen my spring collection inspired by the daffodils and blue skies of the season amongst other things (read my spring inspo blog for more details) and now it’s time for summer. My summer design is inspired by the ultimate refreshing fruit of the summer, Watermelon! It’s so versatile you can have it in a drink, in a salad and even make the wedges into ice lollies (or lolly ices if you’re from Liverpool like me). Plus the colours are beautifully bright and scream summer.

Here is my design in full, as you can see I’ve used the pinks and greens to create a water spray effect using alcohol ink markers. That spray of water in the summer to cool you down or a long refreshing drink in the garden was the inspiration behind the design using the watermelon colour palette. I love the final design but it took me a while to get there. I created an earlier version a few months ago but I wasn’t sure about it so I left it for about two weeks before revisiting and designing the one I went with in the end. That’s all part of the creative process for me I’m constantly tweaking things and sometimes you need to take a bigger step back to see if something actually works.

As always with designs I started with a pinterest board of general summer inspiration, click here to see mine. As you can see the Watermelon stood out hence me focusing on the colour palette of that fruit for the stationery. However the design also resembles the colours of another classic summer fruit, the Strawberry, pimms anyone? Once I realised this I knew I had to have watermelon and strawberry as the fruity combo on my next set of notecards.

The product range is a little different to the spring collection, as I grow the business I am trying different products and finding out what works well and what to do more of. The summer stationery collection includes my best selling product, the meal planner notepad as well as the shopping list notepad. I’ve introduced a new smaller notepad which I’m calling the scribble pad, it’s A6 in size and blank so it can be used for everything and anything. Then I have a new set of notecards with watermelon and strawberry illustrations on the fruit and the summer design on the back. If you fancy getting your hands on any here is a link to the shop to order today.

I’d love to know what you think, drop me an email on or DM me on instagram @ink_and_spoon 


Sarah x

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