The Importance of Shopping Small

Why should we shop small?

Why not, is the obvious response to that question. Wouldn't you rather spend your money and know that your order has made somebody's day?

The majority of small product business owners see all of the orders that come in personally, they then make, pack and post it themselves or with a small team of people. Each sale is acknowledged usually in the form of a smile, dance or very loud 'WHOOP!'.

I know for me each time a sale comes in I get an incredible boost and want to drop everything I'm doing to get started on it straight away. That's not always possible but you get the idea. Shopping small directly impacts one person or a small team of people in such a positive way as well as the economy.

How can I shop small?

This is always something that comes up in conversation around shopping small. It's not always possible to shop small for everything. As much as I like to shop independently where I can all year round, sometimes it's not always do-able. If you haven't planned ahead, Amazon Prime can be a real lifesaver. BUT where you can plan ahead like birthdays and Christmas shopping small is the way to go.

Or have a look around your local area, buy flowers from a florist or meat from the butchers rather than a huge supermarket chain. Or take a chance on that account you've been following on instagram for a while and order a gift for a friend, I would highly recommend gifts of the stationery kind!

Small product businesses often have pre-orders or long lead times which makes a last minute purchase not always possible to do. However, if you vow to be organised every year for Christmas now is the time to start browsing, making lists and starting to buy some presents to get ahead and beat the rush.

The Benefits of Shopping Small

From my experience as a customer and what I have learned from stepping into this world myself you get a lot more for your money from a small product business and an independent shop than you would any of the retail giants. With a small business you can expect...
  • A high quality product often handmade or personally designed
  • a lovely handwritten thank you note with each order
  • more often than not eco friendly packaging and UK made 
  • excellent customer service

There really isn't a downside to shopping small. Providing you plan ahead I guarantee you could do the majority of your Christmas shopping with small businesses this year.

Why not give it a go and let me know how you get on?

I love to share small businesses over on my instagram account and I will be doing this a lot more leading up to Christmas so make sure you follow me over there for some small biz inspiration. 

If I've inspired you to shop small you can start right here on my online shop!

Speak soon

Sarah x

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