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Hello, welcome to Ink & Spoon's first blog post. What better way to start than an introduction to Ink and Spoon and me, Sarah, the person behind the brand.


So who am I? My name is Sarah and I'm a stationery addict!

Sarah Ink & Spoon

I’ve had a love for stationery since I was a small child. My favourite time of year has always been September because I associate it with going back to school which always meant time for new stationery. I loved nothing more than going into town for the all important stationery shop at the end of the school holidays. I would spend hours deciding on which pens and pencils to buy. I absolutely loved it.

As I got older I turned to stationery daily to organise my life and my thoughts and I still do especially around food and cooking, hence the creation of Ink & Spoon. 


Ink & Spoon is a kitchen / cooking related stationery brand. The first products I have created are a range of notepads to help you plan, shop and cook all of your meals whether it's for yourself on a weekly basis or for a gathering of Friends and Family. There is a meal planner, shopping list and cooking schedule. I have also designed a handy recipe card for you to keep those recipes you find online handy or for you to pass on to a friend.

Spring stationery range

As the seasons change across the year and we see a change in weather, nature, produce and the food we love to eat, Ink & Spoon will be releasing a new design. The Spring collection is live now ready for you to order and hopefully you will see the colors and shapes of spring running through the design. To give you an insight into where I took my inspiration from I have created a mood board on Pinterest, click here to visit my Pinterest Page

The summer collection will be coming early June, keep you eyes peeled for that.


I wanted to share my love for organising especially when it comes to cooking and the kitchen. I know there are people out there who love it as much as me and also people who want to be more organised in the kitchen but don’t know where to start. 

I also wanted to solve a few problems that annoy so many of us...

...when you pop to the shops and forget that key ingredient

...you have a full fridge but no obvious meals

... you try a new recipe but don't read ahead and getting the timings wrong so your sauce is ready and hour after the main ingredient

Well no more, the Ink & Spoon range will conquer all of this  and make you feel in control and organised. My aim is to make everyone using them feel like they could enter the next series of Britain's Best Home Cook and win! 

I have lots of ideas and plans for the rest of the year to expand the range into other kitchen related products. If you want to be the first to hear about new product launches and promotions be sure to sign up to my email list in the footer of this page.

Happy cooking!


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